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How far can the remote control water rescue equipment be controlled?
Release Time:2020-12-01|Author:
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When a person falls into the water or is trapped in a flood disaster, the rescue workers do not need to go into the water. Instead, they can quickly go into the water and rescue people from the shore by means of remotely controlled water rescue machines. It can be easily thrown from a boat, shore, or aircraft. After rolling over, the device can automatically flip to the front in 1.5 seconds. It can turn steadily in the waves and travel against wind and waves. You can pull a life buoy or a rubber boat and a floating rope. The two robots can be connected and used remotely. The robot is buoyant and can save up to four people at a time, either by holding on to ropes on either side or by lying on its top and waiting for rescue. The robot has a battery life of 50 minutes, the product design is portable, light, simple to use, high safety, and has a test report issued by a professional testing agency. And classification Society CCS certificate!