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The company focuses on "SOFTWARE and hardware solution providers and manufacturers of 4G video and audio recorders", and provides one-stop customized OEM/ODM services to major domestic and international customers, with integrated innovative development resources and leading advantages. The company has the strength of solution provider and manufacturer, can more quickly solve the customer industry application demand solution.
The company can develop underlying software and application layer software (including cloud computing software, APP software, embedded software, production and test software, etc.), linux-based boot, driver writing and application development technology according to customer requirements and specification definitions; Development of various communication protocols and network protocols based on Linux. For international and domestic brands provide customers one-stop meaning of a law enforcement records related products OEM/ODM customized services, from ID design, UI design, APP design, embedded software development, cloud technology development, intelligent algorithm, electronic circuit design, structural design, test validation, supply chain management, manufacturing, quality assurance and other one-stop design research and development production services, law enforcement has become the Internet 4 g device manufacturers preferred cooperation.