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Jiangsu Telecom 4G Law Enforcement Recorder and Supporting Software Service Rental Project Tender Announcement
Release Time:2020-07-08|Author:Fuyuda
Name of tender Notice: Jiangsu Telecom 4G Law enforcement Recorder and Supporting software Service Leasing Project Date of establishment: *** 05-18 14:39:33
Opening time of sale of Tender Documents: (omitted) 4:23:59 Closing time of sale of Tender documents: (omitted) 7:30:02
This bidding project is jiangsu Telecom's 4G law enforcement recorder and supporting software service leasing project, bidding Number: JSZBZB****, the tenderer is (omitted), and the tendering agency is (omitted). The project fund is raised by the tenderee and has been implemented. The project has met the tender conditions and is now open for tender. Prospective bidders with intention (hereinafter referred to as "bidders") can submit their bids.
1. Project (omitted)
1.1 description: (slightly) to meet the application requirements, the provincial law enforcement industry informatization. With 4 g law enforcement recorder and supporting software service providers, adopt the way of cooperation in the lease, the province enterprise customers with 4 g law enforcement recorder terminal equipment and supporting services such as software, cooperation deadline for a year, each device since the date of lease rental period is 24 months.
1.2 Bidding Contents
1.2.1 Bidding Scale: The quantity of the leased equipment is estimated at ****, please refer to the technical specification for details. The final settlement shall be based on the actual equipment and software rental quantity, duration and bid price;
1.2.2 Delivery time of equipment: delivery within 10 natural days upon receipt of the tenderee's equipment lease notice;
1.2.3 Deployment and docking time of supporting software: Software deployment shall be completed within 15 natural days from the date when the tenderee provides Tianyiyun resources, and docking and coordination with the telecommunications system shall be completed within the time specified by the tenderee.
1.2.4 Term of Validity of the Agreement: The lease term of each equipment shall be 2 years from the date of signing the Agreement (omitted);
1.2.5 place of performance :(omitted)
1.3 The project is not divided into standard packages.
1.4 Allocation of shares: If the number of bidders (valid bidders) who pass the qualification examination and meet the substantive terms is more than 3, 3 winning bidders shall be selected, and the winning shares shall be the first place: 50%, the second place (omitted), and the third place 20%; If the number of effective bidders is equal to 3, 2 winning bidders will be chosen, with the winning shares of the first place 60% and the second place 40%; If the number of valid bidders is less than 3, the bidding fails.
1.5 The maximum price of this item shall be set. Monthly service fee (omitted) (tax included) For each monthly service fee, if the price quoted is higher than the maximum price, the bid will be rejected.
2. Bidding (omitted)
2.1 The tender requires the bidder to be legally registered, legally and financially independent legal person or legally registered organization within the territory of the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and to operate legally (omitted). Provide a copy of the tax registration certificate and the organization code certificate. If the bidder has completed the registration according to the requirements of the registration system reform of "three certificates in one", just provide a copy of the "business license" of the new "three certificates in one".
2.2 The total registered capital or start-up capital and assets of the bidder shall reach RMB 5 million yuan (if the registered capital or start-up capital is in other foreign currencies, it shall be converted into RMB equivalent according to the central parity rate of foreign exchange published by the Bank of China on the submission deadline of the bid documents).
2.3 In the contract or framework order signed by the manufacturer of the bidding product as the supplier after June 1, ***, the cumulative sales amount of the law enforcement recorder product of the bidding brand shall reach at least RMB 1.5 million. The scanned copy of the contract signed by the manufacturer or the scanned copy of the frame contract plus the order (or the order summary) scanned copy (if the order is for the frame plus the order, both the frame contract and the order (or the order summary) must be provided; otherwise (omitted)), the original copy shall be checked for future reference. If it is a single contract, the time to close (omitted), if it is a framework (omitted).
2.4 The bidder shall have the qualification of general VAT taxpayer or promise to issue the special VAT invoice of service type.
2.5 The bidding products must have a two-year quality guarantee. Manufacturer's letter of commitment for warranty period with official seal shall be provided.
2.6 The bidding products shall pass the qualified test report issued by a third-party testing institution recognized by the state.
2.7 Bidding equipment shall be (omitted) (3C certification).
2.8 The bidding software shall provide the Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate.
2.9 The project is not acceptable (omitted)
2.10 the tendering agent accept bids, if the bidder for the generation of (slightly) (authorization letter must be included in the manufacturer of this project bidding product warranty unconditional after-sales maintenance promise, otherwise not be recognized), a manufacturer for this project the same brand the same types of goods (main products), only can authorize an agent to participate in bidding. If the bidder is the manufacturer, the manufacturer's qualification certificate shall be provided, and the manufacturer shall not entrust any agent to participate in the bidding of this project. A bidder is only allowed to offer one product for bidding.
2.11 If the person in charge of the bidder unit is the same person or different units with shareholding and management relations, it shall not participate in the bidding for the same bid package or the bidding for the same bidding project without dividing the bid package.
2.12 The bidder shall not be under any of the following circumstances:
(1) It is a subsidiary institution (unit) of the tenderee without independent legal person status;
(2) To be blamed (omitted)
(3) The bidding qualification is suspended or cancelled;
(4) The property is taken (omitted)
(5) fraudulent winning of the bid, serious breach of contract, quality or safety problems of major projects within the recent three years;
(6) Other circumstances limited by laws and regulations.
3. Method of Qualification Examination
The project will be subject to post-qualification examination. The qualification examination standards and contents are set forth in chapter III "Bid Assessment Methods" of the bidding document. Bidders who fail to pass the post-qualification examination will have their bid documents rejected.
4. Acquisition of bidding documents
4.1 acquisition time of bidding documents: *** May 18, 2008 solstice *** May 23, 2008, 8:30am to 11:30am, 14:00pm to 17:30pm (Beijing time, the same below)
4.2 place of obtaining the bidding documents :(omitted) office on the 1st floor, no. 80, huzhu north road, gulou district.
4.3 Acquisition method of bidding documents: The agent shall be entrusted to understand relevant information from the bidding agency and purchase the bidding documents according to the information required in the following form.
Open VAT invoice information
Name of bidding Project
The serial number
Whether is the value added tax general taxpayer
When issuing VAT invoices, the information must be correct, and all the losses caused by incorrect invoice filling should be borne by the applicant.
Bidder name
Taxpayer identification number
The bank account
Company address, office telephone
Name of contact person for this project
The contact person shall be the recipient of the correspondence or electronic invoice and can (omitted). If the information provided is incorrect, the tenderee shall not bear all consequences.
Contact number for this project
Email address of contact person for this project
The address to receive the invoice
Please attach the scanned copy of the following information to this form:
1. Copy of ID card of bid organizer and power of attorney;
2. Copy of business license
4.4 The price of each set of bidding documents is RMB 800, and the after-sale price is not refundable. Tender, online bank transfer fee by bank t/t (don't accept cash), you must use the unit of account, account name consistent with the name of the applicant, in the name of the individual remittance payments will not be approved, please do the application documents sold prior to the deadline will be the word edition of the open VAT invoice information and related data scanning sent to the E-mail (slightly) @ 189. Cn.
5. Submission of samples
5.1 Time, place and content of sample submission:
Time: before (omitted) 15:00.
Contact person :(omitted)
Location: office, 1 / F, No. 80, Huzhu North Road, Gulou District.
Content: sample (each set of sample contains (omitted)), supporting soft (omitted) (usb flash drive submission).
If the information provided by the bidder is not comprehensive, complete or clear, and therefore cannot be tested, the project will be deemed to be abandoned.
5.2 Testing expenses: the bidder shall bear the expenses related to sample submission, and the bid inviter shall not charge (omitted).
For detailed information, please refer to Appendix 2.1 of jiangsu Telecom's 4G law enforcement recorder and supporting software service leasing project for sample submission test requirements and Appendix 2.2 of Jiangsu Telecom's 4G law enforcement recorder and supporting software Service leasing project test contents.
6. (abbreviated)
6.1 Submission of paper tender documents: The deadline for submission of paper tender documents (i.e., the tender deadline, the same below) is 0900 on June 11, ****, and the place for submission of paper tender documents is: Conference room 407, 4 / F (omitted).
6.2 The project will be opened at the same time and place mentioned above, and the legal representative or its authorized agent of the bidder shall be invited to participate in it on time.
★ The tenderer/agent structure will not accept the bidding documents in case of the following circumstances:
The service is delayed or not served at the designated place;
Failing to seal up as required in the bidding documents;
Not according to this (omitted).
7. A medium for making announcements
This tender notice is only published on China Telecom's external PORTAL website (https:// (omitted) 33.26/ MSS-portal /account/login.do), and shall not be reproduced by other media.
8. contact
8.1 the tenderer
Name of tenderee: (omitted)
Address of tenderee: (omitted)
8.2 Tendering agency
Name of tendering agency :(omitted)
Address of tendering agency :(omitted)
Project Leader: (omitted)
Telephone :(omitted)
(omitted) @189.cn (omitted) @189.cn
Account name :(omitted)
Bank :(omitted)
Account number :(omitted)
Remitted to :(omitted)
Remittance note :(omitted)
Tenderee :(omitted)
Tendering agency :(omitted)
*** May 18, 2000