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A batch of announcements for 4G law enforcement recorders
Release Time:2020-07-08|Author:Fuyuda
According to the shenzhen special economic zone on government procurement regulations, implementing rules for the "government procurement regulations of shenzhen special economic zone and the interim measures for the shenzhen government procurement management online" the relevant provisions of the shenzhen municipal government procurement center is 4 g law enforcement recorder a number of projects, with the method of public bidding, welcome qualified suppliers to participate in bidding.
I. Project No. : SZCG2018160816
Ii. Project name: 4G law enforcement recorder batch
3. Project Overview: See the bidding documents for details
Iv. Bidder qualification Requirements:
1) With independent legal person status (to provide legal and valid scanned copies of the original business license for future reference);
2) Consortium bidding is not accepted for this project;
3) The bidder shall not choose imported products to participate in the bidding;
4) Suppliers participating in the bidding of government procurement projects have no criminal record of bribery in the past three years (the procurement center shall apply to the Municipal People's Procuratorate for centralized inquiry of valid registered suppliers in the government procurement suppliers database regularly, and no supporting materials shall be provided in the bidding documents);
5) The bidder must be the manufacturer of the bidding equipment and the supplier of law Enforcement Recorder agreement of the Procurement and Supply Center for police Equipment of the Ministry of Public Security (according to the document: Notice on Matters Related to The Supply of Law Enforcement Recorder Agreement No. Gongzhuai [2017]075).
V. Procurement budget: 3603400.00
Purchase item serial number
Purchase of the goods
Estimated amount (unit: YUAN)
The number of
4G Law Enforcement Recorder batch (POLICE Protection Department)
Total (Unit: YUAN) : 3603400.00
Vi. Government procurement policies to be implemented for procurement projects:
4G Law enforcement recorder batch (Police Protection Department) (163630238): none
Vii. Bidding and Bid Opening Matters needing attention:
This project adopts online bidding and electronic bidding documents.
Methods of Bid Acquisition
Registered online government procurement suppliers of Shenzhen can download the bidding documents of this project on the Shenzhen Government procurement website (www.cgzx.sz.gov.cn) from 18:30 on May 15, 2018 to 10:00 on May 28, 2018 according to the authorized operation authority. If the bidder decides to participate in the bid, he/she should first register for the bid online in Shenzhen Government procurement website by logging into Shenzhen Government procurement website and clicking "Bid Request management → Bid response" or "Bid Request Management → confirm invitation"; If you do not participate in the bidding after online registration, you should click "Reject" or "Cancel"; If you are not registered as a supplier of Shenzhen government procurement, please visit the Shenzhen Government procurement website, go through the registration procedures and pay the bid security deposit before bidding registration. After registering online, click "Bid management → Download bidding documents" to download bidding documents.
Answering questions matters
Before 10:00 on May 24, 2018, if you have any questions about the bidding documents (including the technical indicators or parameters of the bidding documents are biased or unfair terms), please log in the "Purchasing network of Shenzhen Municipal Government" and fill in the questions in the "Bidding Management → Bidding Questions answering". If you have any questions before 10:00 on May 24, 2018, you will not be accepted. At 18:00 on May 25, 2018, the q&A results will be published in "Bidding Management → Bidding q&A" for the attention of bidders.
Deadline for bids
All bidding documents shall be uploaded to the Procurement website of shenzhen Municipal Government before 10:00 on May 28, 2018. The specific operation is to log in the "Shenzhen Government Procurement Network" and upload bidding documents with the function of "Bidding management → Uploading bidding documents". The maximum capacity of electronic bidding documents for this project is 100MB. Documents exceeding this capacity will be rejected.
Time and place of bid opening
The tender opening is scheduled to take place at 10:00 on May 28, 2018 at the Shenzhen Municipal Government Procurement Center. Suppliers can log on to the "Shenzhen Government Procurement Network" and check the bid opening situation with the function point of "Bid request Management → Browse the list of bids".
Viii. Important Notes:
Shenzhen Municipal Government Procurement Center has the right to review the relevant certification materials (originals) provided by the winning supplier as required by the qualification terms of this project. If the false information provided by the supplier is verified, the project may be disqualified for winning the bid, listed in the record of bad behavior, the bid security shall not be refunded, and the supplier may be prohibited from participating in the procurement activities of the Shenzhen Municipal Government for three years.
The time involved in this tender notice and the tender documents of this project shall be Beijing time. The bidder shall have the obligation to visit the Shenzhen Government procurement website (www.cgzx.sz.gov.cn) during the bidding activities, and the information related to the bidding project published on the Shenzhen Government procurement website shall be deemed to have been delivered to each bidder.
Payment of bid bond:
(1) Bid security must be paid for all projects.
(2) Amount of bid security: RMB 10,000 (in words: RMB 10,000). If there are other requirements in the tender documents, it shall be paid in accordance with the requirements of the tender documents (see the relevant requirements in the Special terms of the Tender Documents, Supplement to General Terms, for details).
(3) Payment time: two working days before the bid opening date, subject to the bank receipt.
(4) Payment method: The bid security must be transferred from the basic account of the bidder to the account designated for the bid security in a single, accurate and full amount by bank transfer or online bank transfer. Submission of bid bond in cash or unit settlement card is not acceptable.
Account name: Shenzhen Municipal Government Procurement Center
Ping An Bank Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Branch
Bank account: 0012 1002 0054 9
The line number: 307584021015
(5) Return method: return according to the application.
After the bidding, suppliers to the "shenzhen government procurement network" (http://www.cgzx.sz.gov.cn/), click on the "supplier margin business to deal with" column, understand a deposit refund related regulations, and in accordance with the rules to handle the formalities. If the applicant does not apply for return, he/she may continue to participate in the bidding, except as otherwise required in the bidding documents.
(6) Margin call: 0755-83948155.
Ix. Contact information
Bidding organization
Company name: Shenzhen Municipal Government Procurement Center
Address: Attached building, Finance Building, No.9 jingtian East Road, Shenzhen city
Zip: 518034
Fax: 0755-83777853
Online operation consultation: 83948100,83948149,83938544 (if you have any difficulty in downloading the bidding documents, please contact us)
Registration information: 83938966
Electronic key consultation: 83948165 4008301330
Purchasing unit
Company name: Police Security Department of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau
Detailed Address:
Project contact: Li Mengxin
Contact: 84465666
Shenzhen Municipal Government Procurement Center
May 15, 2018